The President Must Hear This.

By on October 12, 2015


I bring impecunious greetings from the state of the living spring. Sir, the stories reaching us from the state of Osun have been very disturbing to say the least. We hear that the good civil servants of Osun state are not smiling at all. The reason, a certain executive Ogbeni has refused to put smiles on their face.

We hear that over a month after the famed bailout was disbursed and virtually a month after the alert was palpated in the state’s account, the hardworking civil servants of that state are yet to receive their full salary arrears. Information reaching us indicates that he has paid up till May. Why he hasn’t completed payment for the remaining months, we don’t know.

However, stories making the rounds in some quarters indicate that he has gone to fix the money to yield profits while the civil servants suffer. Some other versions are pointing to the resurgence of his ‘massive’ construction programmes as the destination of the bailout.

The veracity of these claims is not as important as the fact that your bailout, which was originally intended to bring smiles to the face of workers and pensioners being owed many months salaries, seems to have been tactically maneuvered into some unknown location. Sir, kindly ask Ogbeni about the whereabouts of the bailout and why it is yet to trickle down to its intended beneficiaries.


Concerned Citizen.


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