Buhari and his “seraphic” ministers

By on December 2, 2015


 September 30th was the deadline. If it was not met for the submission of ministerial list, the president would have been seen as a man void of probity.

The main opposition party, some concerned Nigerians and political analysts have criticised the protracted delay of the ministerial list. Going by the names read at the red chamber by the Senate President, it is clear that these names should not take Mr President a quarter of the year to come by. Some even said, he could have read the list following his inauguration on 29th May. I share the view that the names should not have taken this long, however, I wouldn’t want to be quick to condemn the decision of our first citizen.

Ministers are very germane in any democratic government. They are the coordinators of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA). Therefore, they have grave responsibilities. Their ineptitude will also go a long way to affect the country negatively. For Mr President whose personal slogan is “war against corruption”, it’s not strange that it took this long to come up with his ministers. This is the very first time the opposition will come to power at the centre in the last 16 years. I believe there is need for proper evaluation and restructuring before appointing ministers.


The directive for compliance to the Treasury Single Account (TSA) to me, it’s a great move before the arrival of ministers. It will help the government to know how much revenue it generates from the various MDAs for proper and effective budgeting. According to the Accountant General of the Federation, more than 600 out of over 900 MDAs have complied to the presidential directive on TSA with others working hard to do so. I doubt if this could have been easily achieved under the watch of ministers.


The question now is whether these “recycled” politicians share the same view with Mr President. The Senate has said it is going to be a thorough screening come next week. The Senate spokesman, Senator Dino Melaye said ” The upper chamber at its closed session agreed on hurdles to be scaled by the nominees before their eventual clearance. Senators insisted that each nominee must submit proofs of their asset declaration; must have their nomination approved by two senators from their states; and must have a clean bill of health from its public petitions committee, among other conditions”.

Let’s wait for the outcome of the Senate screening to know those among the recycled politicians to become “saintly” ministers.



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