By on August 1, 2016

The kind of money i hear from newspapers nowadays on probes gives me goose bumps….i think new governments should come in every four years, who knows what OBJ must have done during his time. I cant believe the Chinese loan of $1 billion from the Chinese Exim Bank, obtained for the construction of a standard gauge rail line linking Lagos to Kano was moved elsewhere. It is reported that only $400m is still remaining in the Ministry of Finance coffers. PMB has asked for a probe.

Since her husband’s assumption of office, Mrs. Buhari has dropped the title of “First Lady” used by her predecessors, including Mrs. Patience Jonathan.

She adopted the title of “Wife of the President.”Apart from the nomenclature, nothing significant has changed.Mrs. Buhari and her handlers operate from the First Lady’s office used by her predecessors…(who is she deceiving?)

PMB directs Ministries and Agencies to open single accounts…(this thief war is really serious oh.) and to pay revenue into CBN accounts.

Finally, the Vice president clarifies that the probe of the past admin isnt directed against GEJ, this came after the former head visited PMB in a closed door conversation.


PMB and GEJ where in a closed door meeting arguing if Petr Cech should be probed as he appeared to be a spy from Chelsea last weekend.Hehehehe

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