By on August 1, 2016

Somehow, i believe if PMB stops being president now,he would have done enough. The cleansing is unprecedented. The other day Customs Comptroller general dropped his resignation letter for no reason.FEAR is everywhere!!!!.

Pilgrimage ceases to be sponsored by the FG, “If you want to visit Mecca or Jerusalem,do it your personal funds,Sponsorship of religious pilgrimages is illegal,unconstitutional and lack of fairness”-PMB. We have saved $1m in the process. NNPC appointed 4 new directors yestersday. The Commonwealth Secretary-General, Ambassador Kamalesh Sharma, has held a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting holding in Malta in November promising to do all he can to help the Nigerian people.

Looters of our beloved country will start facing trials in coming weeks…i rarely see PDP faithfuls lamenting of facebook and twitter these days…lets join PMB to make a better Nigeria. PMB please start probing the Health sector,it should have been the first on your list in fact.

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