By on August 1, 2016

President Muhammadu Buhari said unsuitable qualifications limit the employment prospects and potential of the Nigerian youth to contribute to national development..

He said “although education attainment by the Nigerian youth has increased significantly in the last decade, the relevance of curricula, quality of education and the fit with skills required by the job market still remains a challenge for the country”…SO WHAT IS HE DOING ABOUT IT? The other day NUC banned Online education not knowing that an online MSC programme in any UK school is better than the best MSC we can have in the country…which way are we heading? Since he became president he has not said anything about education…is it the youths fault that they cant get the best education in their country?.. The $20b that went missing during GEJs tenure would have been able to build 4 replicas of UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) campuses with every logistic in Nigeria.

PDP has accused PMB of neglecting the youths of the country (this holds waters as we havent seen anything in that respect)

Probe of the past Administration starts next week….PMB wants to improve power supply as he sees it will boost economic growth..

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