By on August 1, 2016

Stuffs happened during this long week with beehive of activities. More importantly the “northern appointment saga”. APC faithfuls had a lot of defending to do for PMB. i took to twitter myself accusing the president of a loopsided/tribalistic approach which was a breech of the constitution. I had transient hydrocephalus when i earned over 150 retweets bearing in mind i was neither Omojuwa nor Tolu Ogunlesi, but no thanks to the bombardment of insults too from angry pro PMB faithfuls hehehehe.

PMB cancelled oil swap deals between NNPC and other companies… this was to encourage our refineries to have more grounds to refine crude for the country and reducing amounts paid to other companies.

PMB ordered the payment of outstanding fees of militants studying abroad.They attend schools in the UK, US and Malaysia.

PMB approved the $18.5b centenary city project by GEJs govt. the project is said to create over 250k jobs. There was much tension when the president called NDDC management on account of N184b which was missing….no news following the event…they must have covered their tracks.

PMB warned civil servants to shun corruption or quit their jobs.

He also planned to set up a special court with judges who are fearless to try looters. The presidency defended the appointments he made claiming they were all by merits and that more appointments would come by September that would reflect federal character.


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