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Very smart PMB proved he didnt promise any great milestones in his 100 days in office. i think i still have that Chatham house video….he got me on that one. Meanwhile, we await the asset declaration.

PMB met the national Pension commission and the DG promised to prosecute companies and establishments who deduct pension payments from their employees’ salaries but fail to remit same to the designated pension managers.

National association of Nigerian students matched to Aso rock in a solidarity campaign for PMBs fight against corruption…please have anyone heard anything about NYSC alawee reviews?

The VP further stressed plans of the govt to improve the economy by making a commitment to provide one meal a day for all primary school pupils and that will create jobs in agriculture, including poultry, catering and delivery services”

According to him, the multiplier effect of the introduction of the scheme include, 1.14 million new jobs; increased food production – up to 530,000 mt/a; attracting investor by investment – up to N980 billion.Osinbajo further identified conditional cash transfer as another avenue for alleviating poverty.

He said the programme is intended to support the 25 million poorest households to incentivise vaccination, education and production.

The multiplier effects of the introduction of the programme, he noted, would include: lifting millions out of poverty; putting millions into rural production; and boosting rural economy.

He stressed the need for ensuring ease of doing business, the need to improve the power sector; have one-stop shop for approvals; innovation and fighting piracy; diversifying the economy in agriculture – self-sufficiency in rice and wheat (staples) production, manufacturing, entertainment and technology.

The French says PMB is on course in the fight against Boko Haram. There was much controversy when the president suspended the conversion of Colleges of Education to Universities because he plans to upgrade them not just change the names. He also sought cooperation with Sao Tome and Principe to abate piracy in the gulf of Guinea. PMB approved 20 Hilux vehicles to support upcoming elections in Burkina Faso in October.

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