“Lootoblastoma” abi na “Stealobastic” sarcoma?

By on August 2, 2016

My people, how una dey na? Many months ago , on babe run wake up around 4am dey go airport…she been get intel say PMB go fly enter London…i been hear say she been cause some unprofessional scenes for airport that day. This babe fine sha, one of the finest public officials way i no of. That morning may attempts to yarn with PMB fall, since then she just remain for London. Before i know, i hear say she dey sick…but come oh, why naija peeps no they gree talk the sickness way they worry them?.. when they die u go just hear ” he died after a BRIEF illness”. Autopsy them no go gree do…that one na gist for another day.

So as i been they talk, next thing i see picture of this fine sweet babe for hospital bed, i swear, if na so rich people they look when they sick, nna, i no go bother to get their type of sickness oh. As them arrest this babe, next thing she talk come dey make me vex. she say she get cancer. Abeg wetin be the name of the cancer sef? you sabi am? at least some people go pray well when they lead prayer points… i dey hear say all the money she thief they around £13 billion, that money fit buy Arsenal and Real Madrid put together oh…i been also hear say them find $700 million inside her house. E mean say she fit feed the 700 million poor people for the world with one plate of “mama put” a day according to United Nations.

For Life, the thing way you open mouth talk na him go happen to you oh. i pray say no be anything way end with -blastoma, or sarcoma oh..my people any day way your doctor mention those names for you…my guy, pray…the thing no good. We go pray for am..but as we dey pray too, make she do like Zaccheus they return all the yam way she thief. No presidential pardon oh…She fit dey prison they receive chemotherapy…nothing do her..if she get bad luck enter Kirikiri prison then her life expectancy go reduce automatically hehehehe. abeg make PMB look deeper oh..our yams dey very where dey reproduce…we need them.

My people..as e be, na so i dey talk am oh.

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