See all the election promises made by Buhari on security here.

By on August 22, 2016

These where the promises made by Buhari on security.

1. Ensure that under my [Buhari’s] watch, no force, external or internal, will occupy even

an inch of Nigerian soil. I [Buhari] will give all it takes to ensure that our girls kidnapped

from Chibok are rescued and reunited with their families.

2. Give special attention to the welfare of our [Nigerian] armed forces and all other

security personnel and their families, including State-guaranteed life insurance for all

officers and men as well as protection for the families of our fallen heroes.

3. Ensure that acts of heroism and valour in the service to the nation are publicly

recognised and celebrated.

4. Establish a close working relationship with governors of the states affected by the

insurgency, with leaders of our [Nigeria] neighbouring countries and around the world

to coordinate efforts to cooperate in combating insurgency, oil theft, piracy and


5. Activate regular meetings of the National Police Council to ensure the discharge of its

true constitutional roles in a transparent and accountable way.

6. Urgently increase the capacity of Nigeria’s military, police and other security agencies

through the employment of additional personnel, provision of modern equipment and a

commitment to professionalism, merit and excellence in the respective services, to meet

the needs of our growing population.

7. Devolve the oversight of local policing, including the nomination of the State Police

Commissioner and management of the provision of service to the state.

8. Employ at least an extra 100,000 police officers.

9. Establish a properly trained and equipped Federal Anti-Terrorism Multi-Agency Task

Force to destroy Boko Haram and any form of insurgency.

10. Introduce an immediate pay rise and improved conditions for all five security services.

11. Introduce a time-limited partial amnesty for rank-and-file Boko Haram members who

have been coerced into the group in return for laying down arms and participating in a

programme of reintegration into society.

12. Establish a compensation scheme for victims of the insurgency.

13 Address the underlying problem of unemployment, poverty and social injustice that

caused the insurgency, through a Comprehensive Economic Development Programme

for affected states and communities.

14 Establish a Truth & Reconciliation Commission to address human rights abuses that

occurred during the insurgency as well as the fundamental issues that underlie the


15 Rigorously enforce Agreements, Treaties and Regulations seeking to limit and reduce the

incidence of illegal trade in and movement of small arms across the West Africa subregion

and into Nigeria.

16 Carry out a national security audit to determine the state of affairs, capacity and

capability deficits in our [Nigerian] armed forces, police and other security agencies.

17 Urgently review the management structures of the five security services – the Police, the

Army, the Navy, the Air-Force and the intelligence services.

18 Urgent review of death and disability insurance to a minimum of N1m (one million)

only, from the current level.


19 Develop, promote and implement a public accountability framework to enhance the

operational autonomy and efficiency of the military, police and other security agencies in

the discharge of their constitutional mandates.

20 Establish a Federal Police Complaints Authority and Ombudsman to provide a

transparent process for ordinary Nigerians to raise complaints over police conduct.

21 Introduce CCTV systems in our major cities and towns.

22 Deliver a Marshal Plan on insurgency, terrorism, ethnic and religious violence,

kidnapping, and rural banditry and ensure that never again will Nigerian children be

slaughtered or kidnapped at will.


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