Buhari puts up two presidential jets for sale.

By on October 4, 2016

With the frequent criticism from many Nigerians stating the country had too much airlines to maintain, the presidency has put up two jets up for sale. This was made known through a newspaper advert for the sale of Falcon 7x and Hawker 4000.

It has been estimated that the government spends about 5 billion naira annually maintaining the eleven private jets. fg-claimed-to-have-spent-n5-billionon-the-presidential-in-15-months-however-aviation-experts-tag-it-at-n19-billion-with-respect-to-the-inflated-exchange-rate

However, experts say it was around 19 billion naira because of the escalating exchange rate.


In Nigeria, the presidency has more fleet than any other airline except Arik air.. One of the jets is in Switzerland and the other at Nnamdi Azikiwe airport and the Federal government wants to be paid in US dollars. The amount to be sold for was not quoted. The question is, which country would buy a fairly used plane?

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