D0MP was first conceptualised by Badon Baridueh to present the first 100 days of President Mohammadu Buhari. His commentary ran on Facebook and other social media platforms with promising followership and interests.

At the expiratory of the 100 days, there was a clear impression that the idea was not only novel and informative but presented a meaningful platform for the activities of the president to be critically appraised. DMP thus came into being.

The following persons shared the vision of the platform- Abel Adeosun, Samuel Aladejare, Samuel Falade, Olamide Folorunso, Oluwafemi Jeje, and Lawal Idris Yusuf.

Responsibilities to be filled up include:

  1. Editor
  2. Deputy Editor
  3. Graphics and Media Director
  4. Content Director
  5. Advertisement/Publicity Director
  6. Finance and sponsorship Director