The D0MP is non-partisan, non-religious, and non-ethnic. Provides a commentating, critically appraising, and opinion sharing platform on national political governance with a mission to raise citizen awareness of, interest and participation in governance.

D0MP would operate from a website ( and entertain articles, opinion pieces, commentaries and other media on any of the political events around the federal government. All opinions would be welcome but they must pass the tests of the following five conditions: ‘legality’, ‘logic’, ‘sound reasoning’, ‘facts-backed’ and ‘pro-national security’.

While matters with ethnic, partisan and religious colourations would be sometimes controversial, on the basis of free-speech and respect of dissenting opinions, such would be entertained, so far they meet the above five conditions.

The following sections would serve as a starting point:

  1. AsoDiary

The central government’s itinerary is critically presented with deductions, lessons, fact-checking and information purposes. Since AsoDiary is not an official spokesperson/outfit, publishing nods would be given to contributions that go beyond mere listing or news-featuring of the Presidents (or his government’s) activities but present such in present context, in the light of previous occurrences, citizens’ perceptions of such and future implications.

  1. As e be

Pidgin would exclusively be the method of communication of ‘As e be’. While any item (article, quotes, videos and opinions) could be entertained under this section, emphasis would be placed on creativity, wit and humour and not the mere discussion of events.

  1. Verdict

Goes a step further than the AsoDiary to present thematic abstractions, critical post-mortems and policy deductions from not only the activities of governance but the mood, opinions and trends of citizens, civil society and other relevant stakeholders on national governance.

  1. Laughs

Entertaining, comedic but passing across a message about current happenings in the national governance space. Submissions under this could be comics, social media contributions and videos or other evolving channel.

  1. iViews/Guest Focus

While non-members of the platform can publish contributions in other sections, this section would be the major avenue for persons with interest in the vision of DMP to express their opinions on any issue of importance to them. Such would always be subjected to the same tests as those by members.